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Face of woman puckering to the camera with fox and freckle logo over the top
Jewelry box with a minimalist logo on it
Olde Goat Cafe branding done by Janelle
Product photo of Raes. Sunscreen tube with 2 boxes on the side
Product photo of Fox and Freckly skincare serum.
Logo of the brand, Wonder LoveLogo of the brand, Olde Goat CafeLogo of the brand, Lift & Sop CoLogo of the brand, Events by Ayi

Happy, Happy Clients

“Hearing my business partner (also my husband) say that working with Janelle was the best business decision we’ve made was huge, especially because he was resistant to branding in the beginning.”

Brittney, co-founder & chemist
Upstream Organics

“Janelle is a rock star. She sees things before I even did. I knew what direction I wanted to go, but I feel like she gave us a voice for our business. Everything is handled with love and care down to the smallest detail. You can tell when someone is passionate about their business and loves to help people in the best way they know how and HoneyFig has that.”

Olde goat cafe

“I heard about HoneyFig from another business owner in my community. I was so impressed with the brand Janelle created for them I knew I had to reach out to her for help! Janelle made the process so easy, and created a beautiful brand that exceeded my expectations. She really has a gift, and I would highly recommend her services!”


“Right from the beginning I felt in extremely capable hands with Janelle. She laid out her process and the timeline in such a beautifully clear way. This immediately put my nervous energy of never having done this before at ease. She also got under the hood of the business. I didn't realize how much clarity was needed in creating a whole brand and Janelle led the way like a true expert."

wonder love

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