Mic sitting on top of books
Janelle sitting on a couch laughing
Mic sitting on top of books
Janelle sitting on a couch laughing
Flatlay of headphones, journal, hair clip, disco balls
Slippers, candles, plants
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Slippers, candles, plants

about my studio

HoneyFig is an independent, cozy design studio, crafting bespoke brands with power and purpose.

Mug on top on books, plant and microphone on desk.

Some brands you just see. Then there are brands you experience.

I believe every brand has the power to inspire change and create authentic connections, but it all starts with the foundation of building it around your aspirations and your dream—not what other people expect from you or what the “industry norm” is. 


Through my work, I’m not just aiming to redefine success; I’m aiming to cultivate brands that are authentically-you, deeply fulfilling, and driving positive change in our world.

meet the fig fam

Fig Founder & Creative Director

One second, let me get my tea... I started HoneyFig in 2018 with a dream of creating art and working on my own terms. Then as my experience in life and in business grew, I started to crave art that had a purpose beyond decor—I wanted to create authentic brands that drove radical change.

We live in a world with systemic issues around authenticity, particularly for women, and especially for women of color. My work lives to dismantle that narrative and champion a new story rooted in equality and compassion.

With an expertise for minimalist aesthetics, personality-driven design, and creating luxury experiences, I'm here to support and collab with empowering women like you. (Alllllways with tea and slippers nearby, you’re dealing with a taurus x homebody combo over here)

Mug on top on books, plant and microphone on desk.
Mug on top on books, plant and microphone on desk.

Co-Creative & Design Assistant

In 2021, I found my calling with the HoneyFig team, inspired by the shared vision of working alongside Janelle to empower women to craft compassionate brands and lead lives brimming with authenticity. Together, we're on a mission to channel more resources into the hands of the bold and caring women poised to make a mark on the world—because, yes, we wholeheartedly believe it's possible.

My design background, combined with an interest in human behavior, allows me to infuse a distinctive flair into our creative projects. When I'm not weaving my magic with HoneyFig, you can catch me nestled in the corner of a cozy cafe, my Kindle and a perfectly frothed latte in hand, diving into my latest read.


We understand the thought, intention, care and labor that goes into building a business focused on helping other women.

We know how it feels to want to be there for others and be the person that helps boost someones confidence and makes them feel welcomed, safe, seen, and empowered.

Your business is changing lives, defying the patriarchy and impacting generations through the work you do. And everything we do is intended to amplify, elevate and showcase that–not hide it.


Honeyfig manifesto

Some Brands Set Your Soul On Fire

You know the kind.

The one that anticipates your needs, sometimes loooong before you know they’re there.

The one that feels like a friend – that one you don’t speak to for days, weeks or months, but when you reconnect, it’s like no time has passed at all.

The one that feels like a gentle hug on a rough day, and a warm blanket on a cold morning.

The one that always welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world, even if just for a moment.

The one that gets it – your dreams, your fears, your secrets, your inside jokes and is your cheerleader, and your inspiration, all wrapped in one.

The one that changes you, embraces you, empowers you, excites you, moves you, understands you, and challenges you.

You know… the kind of brand you want to experience over and over and over.

That is the kind of brand we build.  
Because that is the kind of brand we are.


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Meet Us