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My Sweet like Honey Method


Say hi through my short contact form and fill me in on what’s going on in your biz and what you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll get on a call and talk through potential solutions and get a solid idea of what we could do together. I’ll send over a project proposal with all the deets, contract and invoice. Once it’s paid and signed, we’ll get your dream brand started gf!

PHASE 1 — brand heart

We can’t create a brand rooted in your aspirations and your vision without understanding who you are. I’ll send you an intake form and then we'll get on a call to dive into your answers further. Through this phase, we’ll unearth your Brand’s Heart; mission, vision, purpose and why.

phase 2 — strategy dev

Any successful brand has an aligned and actionable strategy to guide them to where they want to go. I’ll analyze your audience, competition and positioning, then draft some potential solutions we could take your brand in. Through this phase, we’ll craft your unique and true brand strategy—not a design brief disguised as strategy.

phase 3 — identity design

Can’t have a brand without the classic logo, color palette and fonts combo. I’ll take your brand's unique approach that we’ve built in Phases 1 and 2 and curate visuals that communicate your story, your vision and your message authentically. Through this phase, we’ll design a bespoke brand identity that makes your brand one to ride or die for. 

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Meet Us

Meet Us