We're a woman owned creative studio crafting bespoke brands and web designs for lifestyle and wellness businesses.


We love working with passionate female founders who are making a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to be part of your team by creating a bespoke brand through strategic research and thoughtful design.

the honeyfig way

We believe in significant research and intentional design. All of our creative choices for your brand have a purpose behind them. We never add fluff or unnecessary pieces for the sake of being “pretty”. We’re quality driven and want to see you succeed!


Ema Rose needed a Brand Identity that reflected their personality and passion for their community. Ema Rose brings a love to their guests. They spend time creating an experience of being spoiled through dramatic changes from start to finish.

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Latest Work

Your brand is so much more than just a logo.

You will hear this iconic phrase from every brand designer you will ever meet and there’s good reason for it! Your brand is everything that makes your business great. Your brand is what attracts your dream audience, keeps them coming back for more and has them telling their friends about you. It’s what makes people feel special and excited to visit you. Your brand is what your business needs to thrive and grow.


Our bespoke brands are special because everything is customized for your business. Every tiny little detail from your color palette, your fonts, your logos and your collateral designs have a purpose. Every piece is fundamentally designed with intention and integrity.


Investing in our bespoke brand means you can ditch your inconsistent and unsupportive DIY brand and finally have one that feels like you. Say goodbye to late night breakdowns and hello to increased revenue and more friendly faces. PS, you’ll finally have time for that yoga class you’ve been wanting to take.


Janelle did all of the rebranding for my coffee shop and I love how it all turned out! She is amazing, so patient and easy to work with!! Highly Recommend HoneyFig Studio!

Cassandra, Fresh Start Espresso


Hi! I'm Janelle, the owner and designer of HoneyFig. Working with HoneyFig is an exclusive experience and I want you to feel like part of my team as much as I feel a part of yours.


When our project is done and your brand has launched, you best believe we’ll still be a couple of boss babes supporting each other's goals.

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