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A couple of homebody’s living in the slow lane.

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Janelle — Fig Founder & Creative Director

I grew up with the narrative “Find what you love to do, and know that anything can be achieved with hard work.” So during the first two years when I created HF in 2018, I hustled, hard. Like, working full time at another company, then coming home and working full time again with HoneyFig.

There wasn’t room to dream big or think about growth, it was just “what do I have to get done, okay let’s do this.” Rinse & repeat.

I stayed in this routine for two years bc I told myself that I was working towards taking HF full time, and maybe there was some truth in that, but I know now that I was using work as a way to measure my worth. I thought “being busy = I’m successful”

Fast forward to 2020, the whole world took a pause, obvs. This is when my purpose finally had time to peek through and say “Hiii, I’m Purpose, how are you.” (I like to imagine it as a cute little pink blob.) And honestly I don’t know how it happened, but there was something special about taking time to pause and just be.

I realized that working specifically with women and being able to support them in the build of their business was exactly what I was meant to do.

Before I knew it, my tiny one-woman show picked up. Suddenly, I was running a full-fledged branding studio and working with some of the most inspirational, insightful and empathetic women I could’ve ever imagined.

Their passion to change the world sparked something in me that keeps burning to this day–a desire to change the world right along with them. And that’s exactly what we do.

My vision for HoneyFig is to continue using my passion for branding to make space for women-led businesses to grow and thrive. And, with the help of my team (and the emotional support of my cute pup-Joey), we’ll keep building the most purposeful and powerful brand experiences in the game. 

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Go-to comfort food: Crispy steak fries

Go-to Comfort food: my mom’s homemade chili

Hand holding a computer mouse, computer, coffee cup, and keyboard infront.

Lauren — Co Creative & Social Media Exec.

Creating with HoneyFig has given me the opportunity to work with incredible female-founded businesses in pursuit of growth - both personal and professional. When I’m not designing or strategizing, you’ll find me at a local coffee shop, chai latte in hand, reading the latest Booktok rec.

Honeyfig manifesto


You know the kind.

The one that anticipates your needs, sometimes loooong before you know they’re there.

The one that feels like a friend – that one you don’t speak to for days, weeks or months, but when you reconnect, it’s like no time has passed at all.

The one that feels like a gentle hug on a rough day, and a warm blanket on a cold morning.

The one that always welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world, even if just for a moment.

The one that gets it – your dreams, your fears, your secrets, your inside jokes and is your cheerleader, your therapist and your inspiration, all wrapped in one.

The one that changes you, embraces you, empowers you, excites you, moves you, understands you, and challenges you.

You know… the kind of brand you want to experience over and over and over.

That is the kind of brand we build.  
Because that is the kind of brand we are.

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